Ascent Broadband uses our multiple tower sites to broadcase internet wirelessly. We will install an antenna on your roof which we will align to our nearest tower. After running a cable from the antenna into your home or business, you will have access to fast and reliable high-speed internet.




The power emitted from our towers is less than 5% the power emitted by a typical cellular tower and falls far below the FCC limits. Because of the low power of our transceivers, the signal cannot go through trees, houses, or other structures. Here is a short list of household items that emit more EMF power than the equipment on our towers: A standard hair dryer. A fluorescent lamp. A vacuum.

If you have any questions about the technology we use or the services we provide our customer support team would love to hear from you!


Times are Changing

You no longer need to bundle your internet, TV, and phone services to get the best prices. With a sufficient high-speed connection, you can access everything through the Internet. Watching live television is cheaper and more accessible than ever before through internet streaming services like YouTube TV and Hulu Live. And phone companies such as Vonage and Ringcentral provide cost-effective, reliable service simply through your high-speed internet connection. Here at Ascent, our goal is to provide you with world-class, high-speed internet so you can use it to access any other media services you need.


Ascent Broadband does not directly provide any of the above services. Our quality internet service allows customers to also use most of these services. We do not endorse any of these companies, and we encourage customers to do their research in order to ensure that any product or service will meet their needs.

Are you Ready to Experience the Difference?


+ Q: How much data can I use with your plans?

A: You can use as much data as you want! We do not have any data caps or overage charges.

+ Q: Will I be locked into a long service contract?

A: No. We believe that you should be free to get the best service possible at any time. All of our plans are month-to-month. The only agreement you’ll need to sign is our Terms & Conditions.

+ Q: Do you have extra fees or taxes?

A: No. After your one-time installation fee, the price you see marked on our website is the final price that you will pay every month.

+ Q: Is there an extra charge for the router?

A: Yes, using our router is an additional $9 month for the main unit and $5 a month per mesh point.

+ Q: What if I want to use my own router?

A: You are welcome to use your own router. Please note that if you use your own router, we will be responsible for your Internet connection and for our equipment working properly, but we cannot be responsible for router maintenance or troubleshooting your router.

If you are using your own router, we recommend a gigabit-capable router with an RJ45 Ethernet port (usually labeled “internet” or “WAN” on the port). You’ll want to make sure that it is not a dual router/modem combo (it should not have a DSL or coax port).

+ Q: I currently have another broadband provider. Can you put my dish in the same spot or reuse the mount?

A: The other provider’s dish needs to be removed in order for us to use the dish mount, and we need to make sure that the mount is in a good location to have a line of sight to one of our towers. If there are no technical issues, we are happy to put our dish in the same place and reuse any mounts that are in good condition!

+ Q: I can’t tell if your internet coverage includes my home. What should I do?

A: The easiest way to find out if we can serve you is to call us at (970) 340-8100. (We do not use phone trees, so you will talk to a real human.) We will use a specialized map to check the topography from our towers to your house. We will look at your address and get back to you as soon as possible!

+ Q: What speeds can you provide at my house?

A: We can give you a guess at what speeds we can provide at your home based on our topography map, but the only way to know for sure is to have a technician test your speeds during an onsite scout. Call us at (970) 340-8100 to schedule a free scout to see what speeds we can provide for you!

+ Q: What are your upload speeds?

A: We guarantee 25% upload speeds of the download speed, but we’ll often be able to provide much higher speeds than that. If your speed plan is our popular 50-75 Mbps, for example, then you can expect a minimum of 12-13 Mbps for upload speeds.

+ Q: Will weather affect internet service?

A: Because we use fixed point-to-point wireless technology rather than satellite, most weather has a minimal impact on our service. Severe hail is the most detrimental and may lower your speeds by about 10-20% of your speed plan. Typical weather, such as rain, snow, and light hail, may lower your speeds by 5-10% of your speed plan at most.

+ Q: What type of technology do you use?

A: We use state-of-the-art fixed wireless point-to-point broadband technology.

+ Q: What equipment do you put on my house?

A: The most visible piece of equipment is the dish, usually mounted on the roof. We use several different dishes depending on what will provide the best connection to your location. Our rectangular dishes are 20” wide x 16” tall and 16” wide by 11” tall. We also use a circular dish that is 16.5” in diameter and a dome-shaped dish that is 12” in diameter. On rare occasions, we may use an oval dish that is roughly 3” wide x 6” tall. All dishes are white. The dishes are mounted on 18” masts. We connect the dish via Cat5e (or better) cable into the home to wherever the router will be located. This often runs to a “home run” cable on the side of the house or to a media can located in the house. A small power injector inside the home powers the dish and protects it from power surges. We also provide a wireless router.

+ Q: Why are your speeds plans a range?

A: There will always be some speed fluctuation with any wireless internet service provider because of the nature of wireless internet. We utilize the best technology possible to provide reliable speeds, and we offer plans in a range to allow for slight variation. We want to be transparent about what we’re providing so that you can get the speeds for which you are paying.

+ Q: I am experiencing problems with internet connection. How do I contact you?

A: We always want to know when our customers are getting less than ideal internet service! Please call us at (970) 340-8100 during our office hours (7:00 am – 5:30 pm, M-F) and email us at [email protected] on evenings and weekends. We monitor emails and will respond as quickly as possible!